Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's hard to justify being "for" this woman

We at Lesbians For Sarah Palin are finding ourselves increasingly struggling to be "for" Sarah Palin. Despite her eye-candy cuteness, she simply lacks ... the brain. The whole librarian look is clearly a false front. What lives beneath the mask, I guess we'll never know. Because performances like this bizarre interview with Katie Couric pretty much ensure derailment of this Republican ticket.

And to think we thought it would take a scandal to bring down this woman! She's bringing down herself! Too bad, really, that this is the most high profile woman in politics (or anything else) right now. Too bad we'll all be logging into the debates on Thursday just to see if she can actually make MORE of an ass of herself than she did in this interview. (And yes, this is the real Sarah Palin, not an actress making fun of her.)

Of course, TINA FEY would be a wonderful replacement. She certainly knows how to learn her lines quickly and do some improv. So for a comparison -- and in the event you want to vote for the Woman Who Plays Sarah Palin on TV -- here is the absolutely dead-ringer imitation of the Queen of Alaska.

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dylancolson said...

The difference between the interview with Katie Couric interview and the debate with Joe Biden is that she doesn't know how to flirt with a woman. Notice, she is only comfortable and speaking smoothly when she is being flirty. "Say it aint' so, Joe" giggle, wink wink. ;)
It's a shame too because Sarah Palin and Katie Couric getting a cutesy would've been great foder for this blog. :)