Sunday, September 21, 2008

About Lesbians for Sarah Palin*

Bubba remains concerned that I've not made it clear enough to readers that this site is not advocating that anyone VOTE for Sarah Palin. "Yes, she's hot, but a qualified VP she's not," would be Bubba's motto if she were the one writing and updating this fair blog. But she's not. So the qualifiers and caveats are my responsibility. Thus:

Frankly, I think it's pretty damn obvious that Lesbians For Sarah Palin is an homage to what is WRONG with our political system. Just the idea that any self-respecting lesbian might actually vote for a whacked-out, anti-gay, anti-choice creationist Christian fundamentalist seems so anathema to common sense and human decency that I don't think it needs to be said quite as explicitly as that. But there you have it anyway.

The raison d'etre for Lesbians For Sarah Palin is simple: The crazy lady known as Sarah Palin is the hottest-looking, most scrumptious naughty-librarian ideologue to stroll across the political stage in ALL OF AMERICAN HISTORY. Lesbians everywhere have swollen clits for this gal in glasses who seems to play butch just as swell as she plays femme. WHAT IS A QUEER GIRL TO DO if not get a little horny over the whole sordid thing?

It also presents an opportunity to play mind games with the right-wingers, as well as make a complete mockery of how gender is being USED by the Republicans to manipulate culturally shallow and politically anesthetized middle American voters. It's the queer way of saying something that needs to be said.

Why the hell would lesbians be for Sarah Palin? For the same damn idiotic reason ANYONE ELSE would be for Sarah Palin!

Eye candy. That's it; that's all. It's not like she has other qualifications.

So the idea, once again, is that we welcome Sarah Palin at every single campaign stop she makes -- if she's ever seen in public again -- with truckloads of lesbians in flannel and lipstick (all are welcome!) bearing signs declaring our fondness for her as a sex object: "Lesbians (Heart) Sarah Palin," "Hockey Dykes For Sarah Palin" and such.

But to hell with the idea of voting for this anti-woman woman. We just aren't SICK like that.

Despite Alaska being a place where, as it has been frequently pointed out, lesbian gaydar is essentially rendered useless (as the photo above illustrates quite well), it seems that women of all sexual orientations are not fond of their governor.

A friend forwarded me an e-mail packed with pictures of a large rally, by Anchorage standards, of women in opposition to Sarah Palin. With about 1,400 people in attendance, the e-mail's author claimed that this was the largest political rally ever held in Alaska's history. And yet, it has received scant attention from the media. Rather, what we hear repeatedly about Alaskans and Sarah Palin is that she has the "highest approval ratings" of any U.S. governor, said to be somewhere in the area of 80 percent.

However, these photos tell a story of a very vocal opposition to the well-manicured sex muffin that is Sarah Palin. And because Lesbians For Sarah Palin is ultimately an *anti* Sarah Palin site -- (have I made it clear enough, Bubba?) -- we are including these photos and urging you all to participate in Sarah Palin rallies of your own.

Please, above all, make a mockery of Republican politics and give it Sarah Palin anyway you like. Bubba simply requests you always state your admiration and sexual attraction for Sarah Palin with an asterisk. Specifically: "She's hot.*"

* But we sure as hell aren't voting for her.

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