Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin: Drama or Comedy?

Well, Sarah Palin scared the shit outta my sweet liberal heart this evening and yesterday in her interviews on ABC with Charlie Gibson. She was folksy and open, traits I tend to admire, but she was also strangely scripted at times and clearly out of her waters on matters of foreign policy. Despite her flubs, I am guessing that with "middle America" -- both as an actual place and in term of political outlook -- she probably scored pretty big.

From my perspective, Gibson soft-balled her several times. I mean, what WAS that dumb-ass question he asked her about queers: "Do you believe it's nature or nurture?" or something of that ilk. WHAT?! Who gives a shit? All Sarah Palin had to say to that one was, "I have no idea." She went on to add that she "won't judge" those who are on one side or other of that debate. She won't judge someone for having an opinion, is basically what she said. Well thank goodness, 'cause otherwise, that would mean she's opposed to the First Amendment, which pretty much needs to stay in place to protect her precious Second Amendment.

Why couldn't Gibson ask her: "Do you believe in cutting estate taxes for gay couples?"

Otherwise he kept trying to pin her feet to the fire -- and was generally unsuccessful because she held onto her campaign-aid scripted responses to policy questions with more tenacity than a lipstick-wearing pitbull holds onto a ham hock.

In any case, rather than running her interviews, here are two celebrity perspectives on Sarah Palin:

Ah. Matt Damon's soooo serious.

For lighter fare, below is Craig Ferguson's encounter with Sarah Palin several months ago, before he finally got his citizenship. The last minute of the video clip is classic Craig Ferguson -- PLUS he totally calls it on the "naughty librarian" bit that is, fundamentally, the raison d'etre for Lesbians For Sarah Palin.

On a more disturbing note, take a look at what her hands are doing when she designates Ferguson as an honorary citizen of Alaska.


Whirling Dervish said...

In that clip, she kind of reminds me of a cross between my mom (voice intonation) and my aunt Sally (puritanism craziness)...don't you think?

LFSP said...

Yeah, that's freakish. Sarah Palin's a bit more "Fargo" than your mom, however.